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PlayMaker 2018


PlayMaker is designed as a tool to motivate and inspire our audience to live life with a purpose. We feel like our country is at a crucial point where living a life filled with character is critical for future generations. Be a PlayMaker! Make a difference!

PlayMaker Action Zone Scholarship 2018

The PlayMaker Action Zone Medical Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance for High School graduates who are legal residents of Texas and are in need of financial aid in order to pursue post high school education. You need not be planning to attend a college or university as the scholarship is also open to those who will be attending a technical/trade school, commercial college, community/junior college or the like.

PlayMaker will offer three $1,000 scholarships to students attending or planning to attend college, and one $2,000 scholarship to a student attending or planning to attend college to pursue coaching.

*Playmaker 2018 event will be on Saturday, April 21st. Students that have a scholarship application to turn in will get in free. In addition to free entry to the event, we will give at least two scholarships at the event ($250 each) from the pool of applications received (recipient must be present to win). As long as the applicant has turned in all the required parts (application, transcript, references, etc.), then they'll be eligible to win. In addition, one $250 grant will be awarded to the school that has the highest participation rate (this will be awarded at a later date).

Download the Scholarship Application

Deadline for applications is April 21, 2018

Submit applications to:
PlayMaker Action Zone Scholarship Committee
Post Office Box 381
Hamlin, Texas 79520

2017 Scholarship Winners

Hallie Taylor

"I am extremely grateful to be chosen as a recipient of the PlayMaker Action Zone Scholarship. I feel so honored and blessed to receive scholarships from organizations such as this one that allow me to follow my ambitions as I enter a new chapter of life. Through all, I keep my eyes focused on God and will follow His plan for me!"

Dakota Fannin, McMurry University

β€œIt is a great honor to receive the playmaker scholarship, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have their support as I attend my first semester at McMurry University.”

Mikaela Cates, Lubbock Christian University

β€œI am grateful for the PlayMaker Action Sports Medicine Scholarship. I have enjoyed competing at the high school level in athletics; many great opportunities and friendships have been derived from the experience. I am looking forward to the academic challenges and setting future goals for the road that is ahead. This scholarship makes those plans possible. Thank you for this opportunity. ”